A physical therapy that focuses on soft-tissue manipulation of our bodies is referred to as myotherapy. The technique includes hands-on massage on specified points of the body to relieve musculoskeletal pain. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments are the prime focus for myotherapy. People who have suffered a sports injury, traumatic accident in which the muscles and tendons were injured, or just aging would strongly benefit from this type of therapy. People seek help from myotherapists if they are plagued with migraines, joint pain, back and neck pain, leg pain or other muscle spasms in the body that may be causing discomfort. The technique in myotherapy is to connect the pain with the area of origin to be able to relieve it.

A myotherapist will take a physical history from each person who is complaining of pain and would like to find out if myotherapy treatment is for them. Once it is established that the therapy will help, the patient lies back and allows the therapist to press some trigger points on the body to see what types of reactions occur. A trigger point will have tenderness when compressed, but also may affect another part of the body in which the patient was complaining. For headaches, the trigger points could be located in the shoulders and neck areas. One part of the body can affect many other parts negatively or positively when injured or massaged.


A myofascial massage is a technique that is used to manipulate the connective tissue. This will aid in releasing tension in the tissue that supports the organs, bones and muscles of the body, also known as the fascia. Using elbows, forearms, palms or fingers, pressure is sustained to mobilize and stretch the fascia to release the tightness that is causing pain or disruptions elsewhere in the body. After this type of massage, there is a marked improvement in comfort and mobility than was noted before the procedure.

For athletes, a myotherapy sports massage may assist in better performance and also prevent protect against injury and pain. Utilizing a sports massage after sports participation, dancing, or other physical activity will help remove the burning lactic acid from the muscles. Followed by proper stretching and movement, one will experience expanded range of motion within the joints. A regular regimen of stretching is mandatory to maintain movement in the musculoskeletal system to prevent the onset of pain.

Having a Full body massage should be scheduled at least once a month. These massages are able to help your mind and body relax. The stress should melt away as the myotherapist applies moderate or deep pressure to stressed or tightened areas of the fascia. A full body massage will increase circulation throughout the body and will help you feel as though you have more energy. The joints will ache less and range of motion, posture and mobility will improve. In the end, you will feel better physically and mentally and be able to easily face the challenges of day-to-day activity.